About Me

Marija Milic, creator of the handmade brand Extravacat


HI! I'm Marija, the creator of Extravacat, a place where extravagance blends with creativity!
Extravacat is a tribute to all the "weirds" in the world, those who defy the pre-established rules, have the courage to pursue their dreams and the audacity to express themselves without fearing the judgments of others.

In 2021, I turned my passion for sewing into a state of mind, and a lifestyle, with the launching of EXTRAVACAT, a slow fashion brand that brings one-on-a-kind marbled, hand-sewn products to people who want more color and fun in their lives. 

Why Extravacat?
Extravacat is a play on words that combines "extraterrestrial," "cat," and "extravagant." For years, before creating Extravacat, I lived with the feeling of not belonging anywhere, a true alien in search of a place that would finally make me feel at home. "Cat" is meant to pay homage to an animal that I love very much and that embodies the values of freedom and independence, which I believe in and aspire to. 

The word "extravagant" ultimately represents the very identity of the project.

What is Extravacat?
Here, I enjoy experimenting with marbling, an ancient technique where drops of colorful dyes are placed in a sort of random dance, creating ever-changing patterns. The colors are ultimately absorbed by fabric gently laid upon the surface, in a magical process that makes each handmade creation unique!

At the heart of Extravacat, there's also a commitment to sustainability, which is why some of my creations are based on upcycling, the reuse of existing garments to enhance them and give them a second life.

If you're ready to break the rules and explore your more extravagant side, welcome to Extravacat! Get ready to be swept away by originality and discover new forms of creativity, all with a bold smile!